We Pay Cash for Houses In Any Condition

We’re in the business of helping Kansas City area homeowners sell their homes fast. We understand that life happens. You may have inherited a home that’s in far less than stellar condition. Perhaps challenging circumstances have left you unable to make needed repairs to the home you’re living in. For many reasons, you could find yourself with a home that’s burdensome to you. Your situation or your home’s condition won’t prevent us from helping you.

We Purchase Homes As-Is. Any Situation, Any Condition

Any Home Condition Means: Poor, Excellent, or Anything In Between

Why Sell To Us?  We don’t limit ourselves to the best properties. Our business model is to assist homeowners who have houses in any condition.

We really mean any home condition. Do you have a fixer-upper? Call us. We can help you even if your home needs major repairs. We can work with you on homes that have code violations, structural problems like foundation issues, fire damage, and water-related damage including mold.

List of Home Conditions We Buy Houses In

Your home’s appearance won’t scare us away. While we’ll admit we like (and buy) pretty homes, we don’t run away from ugly homes. We purchase homes that are old and look outdated too.

Owning a home with title problems or HOA issues can be a big headache. We can help homeowners with those issues as well.

You may think your home has unique circumstances that will keep us from working with you. Not true. We help homeowners who are dealing with situations like hoarder homes, homes filled with stuff, trash-filled houses, vacant properties, and unfinished construction.

Get Help Today!

Please don’t let your home’s condition keep you from reaching out to us for assistance. Again, we’ve helped other Kansas City area homeowners and we’d be honored to assist you. Call us at 913-871-9242 to learn more about how we can help.