The Cost of Selling your House to an Investor

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Selling your house to an investor has so many benefits that most people are not aware of.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have been given all the information and understanding of what selling your house to an investor means for you as a seller. There are amazing benefits for everyone involved in the process.

Should You Work With a Home Investor?

One of the benefits of selling your house to an investor is that it brings simplicity to the transaction. They do not require appraisals and there are very minimal costs to selling your property to them.

A regular buyer typically needs to wait for financing, which can delay and slow down the process. Investors, on the other hand, often buy in cash, using a 4 step process, and are ready to close immediately.

In fact, after closing, the seller will incur charges for title insurance and document preparation. The cost for this would typically be $300-$700 which is very minimal compared to the expenses accrued and paid out to a real estate agent.

Real Estate Investors Are Flexible And Can Work In Many Different Ways

We Offer Very Flexible Closing Terms!

Another benefit of selling your house to an investor is that you can make flexible arrangements regarding the reasons behind the decision to sell your house.

We investors might be willing to work a deal with you where we take over your mortgage payments. This can especially be a perk if you feel you are drowning trying to keep up with your monthly payments.

If you need a quick exit, this is a great way to at least come out even and debt-free.

No Home Repairs or Renovations Required

Most Investors Buy Properties “as is”

This can be a benefit if you haven’t been able to keep up with home repairs or if your kitchen is in need of an upgrade. You can move out and go on with your life stress-free and with peace of mind.

Investors can make the process so easy and that is why we want to share this as an option to all those selling their home. Check out our frequently asked questions page or contact us for more info

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