How To Sell Your House Without A Realtor

Realtors are not always the best solution to sell your house, especially when you don’t have time to wait or wish to pay commissions and fees.

When a realtor sells your home, they get at least 6 percent in commissions; it doesn’t sound like a lot. But have you done the numbers? Let’s say your house gets sold for $60,000; the realtor will keep $3,600.

You won’t only have to pay the realtor’s commissions. But also any other fees involved in the sale, including repairs and closing costs. Instead, there are different ways to sell your home:

Sell Your Home By Yourself

This is always an option if you have the time and don’t mind running errands and doing documentation. You will practically do the same job a realtor does, but with no help.

It’s recommended you hire a contractor to do an inspection and plan out repairs your homes need so it’s up to the standards of the potential buyers. Also, check the market, ask around, and check the prices of similar houses before you list your home.

List your home in as many places as possible; the more exposure your home has, the faster it will sell.

Sell To A Home Buyer

Selling to a home buyer is the fastest way to sell a house. As they are the ones buying, there’s no waiting time for you, other than the time you take to accept the offer.

Homebuyers have simple processes in place and pay you in cash; they can get you a cash offer within 24 hours. There are no commissions or fees to pay.

Generally, you also don’t need to make repairs or clean up, as they will buy the property as-is, regardless of its condition and with no need to submit or do appraisals.

Take Your Time To Evaluate The Options

How do you sell your house without a realtor? If you are not in a rush, take your time to evaluate all the available options. Compare and choose the one that’s best for you.

Homebuyers are the fastest, fairest, and most reliable options. Stop the stress and sell your property fast. Fidelis Properties can help sell your home without realtors in less than a week.


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