It’s a Seller’s Market, Right?

Sellers Market

Let’s say you have a property to sell and all this talk of a “seller’s market” has set your hopes high for getting top dollar for your property. The good news is that we are in a time that favors the seller. Interest rates are low, supply is low, and demand is very high. The bad news is that retail buyers still have an expectation of buying a property that is updated, structurally sound, mechanically functioning, passes inspection, and appraises correctly for the lender. When a homeowner’s property is in distress or the homeowner is in distress the “seller’s market” will be of no assistance. In a situation, such as this one it is time to call a local Real Estate Investor.

If you are new to this market, let me define for you what a “seller’s market” really is. Google defines it as “an economic situation in which goods or shares are scarce and sellers can keep prices high.” In laymen terms, this would mean that the seller can get the most bang for his buck because the market is in high demand for more housing to come available. In this situation, the seller can benefit more than anybody.

The down side comes if a home is in some type of disrepair. Then, the house won’t sell the house fast without first making the necessary repairs. This means you can’t benefit from the retail side of the market quickly, if at all. Instead the seller must look elsewhere to sell their property. This issue leads us to look at the buyer’s market, which in this case would be a Real Estate Investor. Let’s stop and talk about the investor (buyer’s) side of things for a moment. It is good to understand who they are and what part they play in the buy/sell process.

First off, an investor usually either works on their own time and dime, or they choose to work through local Property companies who find, buy, renovate, and sell the properties. If the investor chooses to work through a Company, then a percentage of the sell goes to the investor and another percentage is kept by the Company. This allows them the option to sell the house fast or to turn it over to the Property Management Company to rent out and upkeep.

Selling to investors can be a great way to quickly get out from under a troublesome situation such as bad pipes, broken A/C unit, or foundation issues. If you can’t afford your home, or you need to get out from underneath it in a short amount of time, investors are the best route to take. They are set up to buy and sell the house fast. The positives far outweigh the negatives. We are here to educate you on this process and what is available to all the seller’s on the market today!

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